Passim Iguana Music Fund 2017 Winner!

We are enormously honored to find out that we are among the 2017 grantees for the Club Passim Iguana Music Fund!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This money will be used for tour support to bring us to the International Folk Alliance Conference in 2018.

Passim Announces 2017 Iguana Music Fund Grantees
Twenty-eight grants...



We just spent the first 3 days in the studio working on the new album. We are beyond excited!

CRASHfest 2018!

CRASHfest 2018!

Alright! Just announced, Newpoli will be performing at CRASHfest 2018 together with Rubblebucket, Vieux Farka Touré, Mokoomba, Flor de Toloache, Tal National, Innov Gnawa, Newpoli, Só Sol, Kotoko Brass and more!

House of Blues
February 24, Doors 4:30pm
3 stages!

Soon we can tell you! ;)

We have some great news coming up but we can’t tell you yet even though we are almost bursting trying to contain ourselves, a few more days...

Heading to the studio for a NEW ALBUM!!!

Oh yes!

Things are getting really exciting, we are ramping up for the new album! Starting Nov 2nd we are entering the studio for 5 days, Nov and Dec. Talking to a great photographer, a great videographer. We have a fantastic publicist that we will be working with and the...

Compilation CD in Italy!

Compilation CD in Italy!

We are super excited to be part of the compilation Pizzica & Salento (La Musica Della Taranta), together with some other fantastic groups like Mascarimiri, NCCP, Mimmo Cavallaro, Eugenio Bennato and many others! Release date July 25!

New album!

Studio time booked at fantastic Rotary Records! Couldn't be more exciting. It's been a strange year going from real highs to the passing of Roberto. I think we will all sum it up in music and its healing power.

Such a wonderful concert!

Such a wonderful concert!

Thank you so much to everyone that came out to our concert this cold night! Thank you so much Amir and Alwan for the Arts for curating an amazing concert series in NYC, we love you guys!

For Roberto

For Roberto

One evening in 2004, Roberto stepped into his first Newpoli rehearsal and he never left. Even now he’s with us and it will remain that way. This has been excruciatingly painful, we can’t believe that he is gone and the hole he has left in our hearts and our music...

Track us on Bandsintown!

Track us on Bandsintown!

Friends and fans, please track us on Bandsintown, that way you get notified right away if we are coming to your area :) Click on the link below and just click on Track This Artist. We appreciate it!

New video!

New video!

We just uploaded a new video. A song from our concert at Maqam Fest this past February at APAP, 2016, NYC. Head over to our video section and check it out!...

Nomination :)

Nomination :)

Grandi notizie! Abbiamo appena saputo che il nostro CD "Nun te vutà" (2015) è stato selezionato per partecipare alla 12esima edizione del “Premio Nazionale Citta' Di Loano Per La Musica Tradizionale Italiana". Siamo contentissimi che ancora una volta il nostro lavoro è stato apprezzato e lo siamo ancor di più...

Dance Flurry 2016

Dance Flurry 2016

We just came back from an amazing weekend of folk music and folk dances from all over the world. We've played and taught Pizzica, Tammuriata and Tarantella Napoletana and a tune workshop to a great group of people for two days in super cold Saratoga Springs, NY. -25C!!!!

Such a great few days in NYC!

Such a great few days in NYC!

We had a great time in NYC, attended a World Music Conference called Wavelengths and played a fantastic showcase at Alwan for the arts, such a great time! Before the show at Maqam Fest at Alwan for the Arts we were jamming with this super talented young Balafon player from...

9/24 canceled

9/24 at Johnny D's is canceled. One of our members father just passed away. It is terribly sad and a hard time for this member. Our thoughts are with them and we'll be there for them during this period to support and help them anyway we can. Send them lots...

So many good things are happening!

It's been a few months since we posted some news. Not because we didn't have any but because we were so busy. We received some pretty amazing reviews on the new CD, were interviewed on several radiostations in the US and in Italy, and last but not least played some...

Radio play!

We are being played on the radio all over the US and Italy now, great stuff! Very happy to do interviews from Chicago, to Cleveland, to Cambridge, to Rome, to Milano!...

Video nr 2

Video nr 2

This is the 2nd video from our upcoming CD. The song is called Bazaar and we would like to thank all our friends that came out and spent the day with us filming. Grazie ragazzi!



So happy to announce the launch of our first music video, Nun the vutà. Nun the vutà is the title track of our upcoming CD that drops in May, we hope you like it!

We did it!!!!!!!!

Our Kickstarter is all funded!!!!!!!!! Amazing! Best friends, fans and families ever!!!!

Kickstarter campaign for our NEW CD!

Kickstarter campaign for our NEW CD!

Hi everyone, we are now live, launching our Kickstarter campaign for our new album, Nun te vutà!

We are creating this campaign to ask you, friends, family, fans and anyone else that is interested to help us to release our new album! As a follow up to 2013’s critically acclaimed...

Carmen on Rai!

Carmen on Rai!

Carmen is being interviewed by Rai today in her hometown of Pignola, Basilicata.



Carmen and Björn visited traditional tambourine maker Biagio Panico in Puglia. Such a great person and so helpful, not only with tambourines but also so generous with his knowledge and gave us a ridiculous amount of material, grazie, grazie!

New CD is coming along

We've been in the studio on and off now since June and The new CD is really shaping up well. In September we are going in again to finish it and we can't wait to share it with you. There are original songs as well as traditional songs from Basilicata,...

Nomination in Italy!

We just found out that we've been nominated for the "Premio Nazionale Città di Loano per la musica tradizionale italiana"!! We are so honored to be included among other great Italian folk musicians! Keep your finger crossed! Thanks for your support! Grazieeee!

Thank You!

Thank you sooooo much to everyone that came out to our concert at the YMCA Theatre yesterday, it was amazing! Buon Natale!!!

Newpoli Christmas concert is coming!!!

It's that time of the year and we'd like to celebrate with you!
Don't miss our annual Xmas show at the YMCA Theatre in Cambridge on December 8 at 7:30pm!!

Tickets are on sale now!! Adv fix are recommended!

SURPRISE: The first 30 people who after purchasing the concert ticket...

Thank you, thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone that came out to Oberon and made our CD release show special! So great to share our music with all of you, it was a very special night for us!...


Thank you so much everyone! We successfully funded our Kickstarter Campaign!


Please help us support the fundraising for Newpoli’s next album projects.

We are planning to record two albums. The first to be released is a collection of songs from Puglia, Campania, Basilicata, and Calabria that they have been performing but not yet recorded. An album long overdue and you can...

Thank You!!

Thank you so much everyone that came out for our Christmas show! More shows are happening this spring and summer, stay tuned and we'll put them up in "shows" section as they get confirmed.


Our annual Christmas show is coming up again.
This year we have some guests joining us as well and the show will take place in YMCA Theatre in Central Square, a beautiful Victorian Theater located just opposite City Hall inside the Y.
Tickets are $16 (Open seating)

Tickets are on...

Newpoli is back at Regattabar!

We are thrilled to be back at Regattabar!
Don't miss our show!

Newpoli is:
Carmen Marsico and Angela Rossi - lead voice/music director
Bjorn Wennas - classical guitar/music director
Fabio Pirozzolo - vocals/Italian tambourine/percussion
Roberto Cassan - accordion
Megumi Sasaki - violin
Dan Meyers - recorder
Sean Farrias - acoustic...

Help us fund our next two CD's!!!

Micro-fund Newpoli’s next two albums!

Cari Amici,

These projects have been long overdue. We are planning to enter the studio this summer to record our new album containing songs we’ve been playing for some time now but not yet recorded as well as an album with our Christmas collection of...

Christmas shows!!

We are currently in the process of putting together a whole new show featuring Christmas songs from the folk traditions of Sardegna, Sicilia, Puglia, Basilicata and Campagnia. It's a lot of work but also a lot of fun and we are very excited for the opportunity to present these rarely...

California Tour moved to Spring

We'll be in California, Bay Area and LA in the spring. Stay tuned for exact dates, we are working on them as we write this. We can't wait to play for all of you out west again!!


Ciao a tutti!

We have some great news for our friends and fans!

We'll be performing again at REGATTABAR!!
Wednesday May 5, 2010 at 7:30pm

REGATTABAR at Charles Hotel
One Bennett Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Newpoli is:
Carmen Marsico and Angela Rossi - lead vocals
Bjorn Wennas...

Getting ready for California!

We are getting ready to go somewhere warm! This is our first trip out to California and we are very excited. If you are out there, two of our shows, the Stanford one and the the Monterey one is open to the public. Come out and join us!


Ciao a tutti!

We are very excited to announce our concert at Regattabar
and we would love to invite you all to this very important show!
We’ve been arranging lots of new songs, such as pizzicas & chants from Puglia, tarantellas, villanellas & morescas from Napoli that we will play...


Ciao Friends & Fans,

Newpoli has been nominated again by
the Phoenix Best Music Poll as Best World Music Act in Boston!

Voting has started on June 4 and it will end on June 26!
Last year we came in 2nd, please help us win this year!!!!!
Anybody can vote,...

Coming back home from AZ

Hi everyone,

We just returned from a tour in Arizona, the land of dreams. We want to thank everyone that made this possible; First and foremost Christina Wilhelm at Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts, Jonathan Holden at Rhythm and Roots and Mycenay at Future Studios and Global Change...

"Respiro della Terra" - Festival of Italian Regional Music

Newpoli will be performing the Music of Campania!
Dinner and musical performances, organized by the Consulate General Italy in Boston, in cooperation with COMITES, the Italo-American Federation of the Associations of New England.
Tickets: $50
The event will take place at Filippo's Restaurant
283 Causeway St., Boston
Contact: Lino...

Newpoli live at Dante

Newpoli is returning to Dante Alighieri Society on June 20 at 8:00pm.
Please come out and join us!!

In other news, we are super happy to see that radio stations around the country has started to play our CD. We have seen multiple spins on stations in California, Massachusetts, Connecticut...

Newpoli in Concert!

Happy New Year!
After a great success we had at cafe St. Petersburg last December, Newpoli was asked to come back again! We will be playing on Thursday January 17 at 8:00pm! Please, come and have fun with us!!

CD Release!

The long awaited CD release!
We started to record this CD of traditional songs from the south of Italy about a year and a half ago. Finally we are seing the light at the end of the tunnel!

We are lookin forward to playing a concert at Dante Alighieri Center...

Outdoor Concert in North Chelmsford

Newpoli will be performing an outdoor concert as a part of the World Wednesdays program in Chelmsford. The program is run by the Chelmsford public library and the concert will take place at the McKay branch in North Chelmsford. Bring your picnic basket and your dancing shoes!!!...

Newpoli at Vernissage

We are very happy to announce an upcomming Newpoli concert. It will not be the entire band unfortunately but look for some upcomming shows futuring all nine off us. We are working hard to get our CD out and hopefully we will be annoncing a CD release party as well...